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A love so pure that it does not even know the strength it has
— Djavan
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About Me

I am Roberta Meirelles, graduate nutritionist, family photographer by passion, specialized in pregnant women and newborns ... A passionate mother and woman!

After a long time as a nutritionist, my life changed in 2011 when I became pregnant with my little baby ... Thierry. Looking to spend more and more time with him and wanting to capture each expression, smile and special moment of him, I found photography. I fell in love immediately with the possibility to have those moments caputred forever. Photography stole my heart and I couldn't leave without it anymore. So I had to chose. Since 2013, I devote myself exclusively to the art of photograph love stories. As a loving mother and wife, having my life fullfild with my motherhood, I chose to specialize in this passionate field. Family Photography.

In this journey with me I have my partner, my best friend, my love. Diogo Gaspar. He found in weddings the perfect enviroment to show all his talent and unique photographic style. I know I can sound suspicious but...he rocks.

Our family is the most important thing in our lives. The possibility of sharing so many stories, real feelings and the sweetest moments with them, is what motivates me. I don't have enough words to describe it. My family is my best and important life project.

I invite you to come with me. Let me tell your story trhough my lenses. I guarantee you will not regret it.



I am sure about one thing. I am crazy to photograph you. I want to be part of your story telling it through timeless images. I want to capture each important moment of your life, all the love and affection you share with your family. This is what motivates me everyday. It will be a huge pleasure.

So tell me everything with all the details. I will love it to know more about you and your family. I'll be answering you as soon as I can to clarifying all your doubts.

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Capturing Special Moments

With the biggest love of your life